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Emily Fink 

Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Harvard Business School – MBA


What I am hearing..

  1. I’m constantly worried about childcare-I am so dependent on my childcare provider, and so afraid they’ll leave because I would be so screwed.
  2. I hope I’m setting a good example for my kids.
  3. I wish I had more time for____ (friends, family, hobbies, volunteer work, etc).
  4. I’m exhausted. I need to take better care of myself.
  5. Let’s go get a glass of wine and vent more.

It’s awesome talking to another working mom experiencing all the same things.

And the one thing I haven’t heard in years… anything about “imposter syndrome” or not deserving our roles in the workplace.

We’ve all worked damn hard to get where we are, we’re proud of the awesome work we’re doing-we love our jobs, and we aren’t apologizing to anyone-least of all ourselves-for any of it anymore. Glad that’s over!


Emily – Thanks so much for letting femaleinvestor101.com post your comments and helping our community. All the best.